Maruti Non Woven products are extremely high-in-demand across multiple industries such as Packeging, Home furnishing, Health and Hygiene, Garments.


  • Non Woven Fabric for carry bags
  • Non Woven Fabric for Medical and hygiene (PPE, Mask, Aprons, Salon Aprons)
  • Non Woven Fabric for Packeting
  • Non Woven Fabric for Covers - Coat cover, Car Cover, Appliance Cover
  • Non Woven Fabric for Upholstery and Home textiles
  • Non Woven Fabric for Furniture
  • Non Woven Printed Fabric
  • Non Woven Laminated Fabric
  • Non Woven Fabric for Disposable items (Shoe cover, Salon Apron, Head cover, Bed Sheets)


Printed Non Woven Fabric

At Maruti Textiles, we have a wide range of designs that you can get printed on the fabric which surely adds the grace to the fabric and makes it more beautiful. You can also get your own designs printed on the fabric. Below are the various designs that our clients have been getting printed on their fabric

Non Woven For Carry Bags

At Maruti Textiles, we supply non woven fabric for carry bags of various categories such as D-cut, U-cut, Box bags etc. 

The fabric can be customised according to market demand in terms of quality and rates.

Laminated Non Woven Fabric

At Maruti Textiles, we provide the laminated fabric to our clients for their various applications. In house lamination process delivers the best quality of laminated fabric to our clients.

Upholstery and Home Textiles Non Woven Fabric

At Maruti Textiles, we manufacture Non Woven Fabric for Home textiles and upholstery products also such as Non Woven for curtains, Pillow covers, Mattress covers, Table covers, Cooler and AC covers.

Medical Non Woven Fabric

At Maruti Textiles, we manufacture non woven fabric for medical and hygiene purpose too. Medical Gowns, Aprons, Facemasks, Haircover, shoe cover, laundry bags are various products that are made out of our non woven fabric.

Non Woven Loop For Carry Bags

At Maruti Textiles, we Manufacture Non Woven loops to be used for carry bag handles. These loops are available in different colours and GSMs.